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    Private one to one tutoring vs class tutoring

    Ever wondered what style of tutoring or coaching best suit you or your children? Tutoring can be expensive and you definitely should consider what method of tutoring best suit your needs and budget (value for money). In our opinion, here are some situations where you can consider 1 on 1 or private tutoring: Have specific needs, e.g. student needs revision for a couple specific topics but is doing well otherwise Needs tutoring for niche fields, e.g. AES test for private school tutoring, mathematics Olympiad etc Needs considerable assistance with a subject and is currently doing unwell or have lack of confidence in a subject – they may not follow/keep up…

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    3 tips on how to kick-start the new school year 2019

    If I give you 10 tips, you might not remember. Sometimes less it more. Less things creates focus, sharpens your mind and increases the chance of you actually get something done. Now if you are in your HSC year, maybe you need to do a bit more. 1. Stop doing (you should select only 1 thing): something that has no value to your future success, you do not enjoy doing at all, something that consumes a lot of time with little gain or something that causes you a lot of negative feeling and stress, or things like reduce facebook time from 1 hour per day to 15 minutes on commute…

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    HSC Tips

    HSC Mentoring time management and study tips

    I am Fan and I am happy to provide tips and mentorship for all of you going through HSC. It might be stressful, but have faith! I graduated in 2010 with ATAR 99.85, came 1st in State for Maths Ext1, 98% in Ext 2 Maths, 96% in Chemistry…Yes I know I am a big nerd. But being that nerd and through the years of tutoring, I have gotten a few tips that I want to share for you to maximise your potential and study smarter. 1. Using time slots, shorter chunks of focused study interval is better than 2 hours of doing maths homework while watching YouTube music videos and…

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    How to ACE HSC Science Subjects: Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Senior Science

    How to ACE HSC Science Subjects: Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Senior Science 1. Download the syllabus and prior to each topic, have a quick read of the relevant dot points. This prepares your mind to pay more attention to these when taught in class and/or at tutoring. 2. Learn each dot point, pay attention to the verb in front of each dot point as they give you an indication of the depth you need to learn. Your teacher/tutor usually would go cover all the dot point in the term. 3. Treat each dot point as a question. Try to think of questions related to the dot point and see if…