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    澳洲留学后第一份工作 – 澳洲面试技巧 Top tips for international students seeking for a job after graduation

    Fresh graduates looking for new job, top insider tip from Fan, qualified Actuary and the Founder of Sirius Learning. Chinese version at the end of the page. 毕业后难找工作?英文不好没有面试的自信? 我们的找工作经验和技巧(中文版)在英文版下面。 Entering into the workforce from a degree in Actuarial Studies, dubbed as ‘the best job of the 21st century’ I expected all my classmates to have no issues securing a graduate offer. After all, given the low ‘survival rate’ of the course, wouldn’t the demand far exceed the supply of talent? However to my surprise, in a century where tertiary education is considered the mainstay, the supply of fresh university graduates far exceed the demand from employers. What differentiated those that…