HSC Tips

3 tips on how to kick-start the new school year 2019

If I give you 10 tips, you might not remember. Sometimes less it more. Less things creates focus, sharpens your mind and increases the chance of you actually get something done. Now if you are in your HSC year, maybe you need to do a bit more.

1. Stop doing (you should select only 1 thing): something that has no value to your future success, you do not enjoy doing at all, something that consumes a lot of time with little gain or something that causes you a lot of negative feeling and stress, or things like reduce facebook time from 1 hour per day to 15 minutes on commute only.

2. Continue doing (again, choose only 1): something you have done in 2018 that has helped your with your studies, .e.g. went a study group or something that has saved you time when it came to revision or studying.

3. Start doing (again, select only 1 to help you actually focus on it): make a one page summary notes for every single subject at the end of the term or else no holidays, or hire a private tutor for the subject that you are struggling THE most, or enter a competition, or do HSC past papers at the end of every term.

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