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Private one to one tutoring vs class tutoring

Ever wondered what style of tutoring or coaching best suit you or your children?

Tutoring can be expensive and you definitely should consider what method of tutoring best suit your needs and budget (value for money).

In our opinion, here are some situations where you can consider 1 on 1 or private tutoring:

  • Have specific needs, e.g. student needs revision for a couple specific topics but is doing well otherwise
  • Needs tutoring for niche fields, e.g. AES test for private school tutoring, mathematics Olympiad etc
  • Needs considerable assistance with a subject and is currently doing unwell or have lack of confidence in a subject – they may not follow/keep up with the pace in a classroom setting at a coaching centre.
  • The opposite may also be true, a student who is doing very well but would like some intensive revision/practice so they can excel – classroom setting may be too easy or slow for their liking.
  • Essay marking and feedback on specific writing/texts for English. This is so that it can be tailored to the individual question/text.
  • Students who do particularly well with a specific teaching/learning style
  • Students who needs more flexibility with timing and pace of class. Private 1 on 1 classes are often shorter than large classes.

Classroom tutoring maybe worthwhile if:

  • Student more motivated be in a more competitive environment
  • Student is already doing ok at school but would like regular revision and exam practices to achieve even better scores
  • This option is generally more economical
  • Students with more flexible schedule and can attend regular scheduled classes.
  • Students with good self discipline to do the homework and practice questions during and after classes to make the most from tutoring.
  • Small classes maybe an alternative for students who wishes to receive more tailored and individual attention to their learning.

Regardless what tutoring services you use, it is imperative to note that students spend majority of their time at school and at home. Smart planning, be responsible for your own learning and actually apply the learning/tips/tools from tutoring at school and at home will be essential for best results.

If you are unsure what would work best, feel free to give us a call 9006 1168 to discuss your situation and we can see how we can help you achieve the outcome you want.

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