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干货!课外活动大全 + 鼓励孩子们多参加!

很多家长都会发现澳洲许多孩子们都参加很多 课外活动, 周末假期都特别忙。为什么课外活动 那么受欢迎呢?

那是因为好处实在是太多。例如课帮助孩子们扩大他们的社交圈,提高除学习以外的各种能力:比如说体力,想象力,艺术细胞 和生活经验等等。 很多这些体验和经验都是学校课本上不能够 学到或不能完全体会到的。 特别是中学的孩子们,以后报名奖学金,申请私校, 转进精英学校 ,大学以后申请奖学金以至大学期间找兼职工作,有这些课外活动都能帮助加分 + 增加录取成功的几率。

我们在这地方给大家多总结一下 课外活动的项目仅供大家参考:


• Music bands音乐乐队
• Orchestras乐团
• Music ensembles音乐合奏
• Choirs合唱团
• School theatre/musical performances学校剧院/音乐表演
• Dance and performances舞蹈和表演
• Debating辩论
• Drama戏剧


• Creative arts: drawing, painting, ceramics, sculptures, prints, etching创意艺术:绘画,绘画,陶瓷,雕塑,版画,蚀刻
• Crafts: jewellery marking, sewing手工: 珠宝制作,缝纫
• Computer art: cartoon drawing graphic designs, web design for kids卡通绘画图形设计,儿童网页设计
• Wood work木工
• Knitting针织
• Chinese calligraphy中国书法国画


• Competitions, e.g. Maths, Science, writing competitions, Maths Challenges and Enrichment programs, Olympiad preparations and various extension activities. 数学,科学,写作比赛,数学挑战竞赛,奥赛准备等等
• Peer Tutoring 学校的同伴辅导
• Learn another language: Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Latin学习另一种语言:中文,法语,西班牙语,德语,拉丁语
• Coding and Artificial Intelligence  编程序/机器人
• Mock trials模拟审判


• A range of competitive and non-competitive sports系列竞技和非竞技体育
• Kungfu/Martial arts 武功


• Fundraising筹款活动
• Community work through external organisations that have links with schools  通过与学校有联系的外部组织进行社区工作
• Amnesty International at school


• School clubs: e.g. chess, anime, farming, sports, 学校俱乐部:例如象棋,动漫,农业,体育
• Cadets  模拟学员兵,很多学校都有组织这些, .e.g James Ruse
• Duke of Edinburgh scheme 很多学校都有组织这些, e.g James Ruse
• Waterwatch
• Holiday camps假日营

我们邀请了一位Sirius Learning在校tutor 分享下她的个人经历。她曾经是悉尼女子中学的高材各项学业都很优秀,绘画音乐很有天赋,而且的是她是2017 Fencing  击剑冠军:曾经登上过报纸赢了非常多的奖 希望她以后能够参加奥运会 (。

“I feel like my extracurricular activities were one of the biggest contributors for getting into med, and for me personally sustaining them through year 11-12 was really beneficial. They helped bring balance to my lifestyle, and kept me healthy both physically and mentally, and in general they also really enrich your experiences and skill set, which is great for life (and super good for med interviews, can help you stand out from the crowd etc)”  – Katherine, Tutor, Sirius Learning


政府给孩子课外活动兴趣班的补贴Active Kids $100可以申请:

1. Go to
2. 没账号的申请个账号,有账号的登录
3. 登陆后,找 office of Sport
4. 填写每个可以申请的孩子的资料。填写资料需要Medicare card. 每个孩子的资料需要分开填写。填完一个才能继续下一个。填写时名字资料必须严格根据Medicare card上填写。
5. 最后会给你一个voucher code,会发到你的email,你也可以马上打印出来。 

We have a strong focus on student leadership and on promoting positive values, developing a sense of global citizenship. Year 9 and 10 students access a long term formal Student Leadership Program with a community service component. Students chair each of the 13 school governance committees as well as participating in a range of other leadership programs. There are varied mentoring and support programs to look after the emotional needs of gifted and talented students, guided by the welfare team.

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