Primary School Tutoring

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Why us?

– Over 9 years of experience primary education with experience with children that needs the extra “push”. Subjects available: English and Maths.

– We only recruit the very best tutors that either have an education background or have extensive teaching experience with lots of patience and tactics to interact with children with all different personalities. We believe in all children and encourage them to learning useful things in life.

– Small classroom environment (up to 6 students) so that your individual needs are heard and dealt with.

– Constant feedback loop and progress checks through mock quizzes and homework to work with parents to maximise the child’s potential

– Exam techniques discussion and practice through mock exams

– Learning through play program and projects is a unique learning experience provided by Sirius Learning. Your child will learn not only Maths and English but learn to broaden their general knowledge, soft skills and the world around them.


- 超过9年的补习教学经验。两个创办人都是HSC的佼佼者有丰富的经验。

- 课程内容是在纽省教学大纲基础上而完善的。课程有数学和英文。

- 我们的老师团队都是一流的。老师一般是教育界的人才或者是对教学有丰富经验并且有耐心,技巧的有针对性的帮助小学生 包括顽皮或内向的小朋友。我们相信每个孩子,并鼓励他们更好的学习有意义的学问。

- 小班教学(最多6个人)能够让老师可以针对学生的需要和弱项以及重点帮助.

- 频繁的进度检查:通过班级测验和作业,让学生能够了解自己的弱项和需要努力的方向. 老师也能每学期与家长沟通而更完好的帮助您的孩子。

- 考试技巧教学和模拟考试练习并建立自信。

- Mini Project: 受到世界顶级公司的启发, 优质教师的咨询,我们正在推出独特的教育计划,以丰富您的孩子的学业旅程为中心。在核心学校课程中提供量身定制的学习项目 mini project,不仅打好数学英文的底子,并提供独特的学习体验,并找出他们的优势,探索周围的世界,学习和欣赏大自然,并鼓励他们适应未来的生活环境